Your First Phone Call

I answer my own phone because I like being available to speak with you and to answer your questions. If I do not answer on your first try, you will be instructed to leave your contact information. I typically return my calls before the end of the business day. During this first conversation I will invite you to tell me briefly how you believe I may be of help. You will also be given the opportunity to ask me about my expertise and background and together we will make sure that it feels right for you to proceed to make an appointment.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

Insurance coverage can be confusing and ever-changing. To obtain clarity of coverage, please link on to this page for a full description of questions you will want to ask. This link also provides easy access onto your insurance web site.
Insurance Link

The First Session

Our initial session will serve as an opportunity for us to get personally acquainted and mutually determine that we are a good match for counseling, It will be a time for you to provide your history and expand on your reasons for seeking counseling, and will last approximately 60 minutes. I will inquire about what goals you prefer to work on during your visits here. You decide on what is important for you. There will be time for you to ask questions. If you would like, we can schedule a follow up appointment. If for what ever reason you wish to seek counseling elsewhere, I will be happy to assist you in finding another therapist.

Follow-up Sessions

Each follow up session will last between 45 and 50 minutes. The number of sessions required for a successful outcome depends on each unique situation. In general, when a client is very motivated, fewer sessions are necessary. I will give to you some ways to try out some new skills between sessions. These skills are designed to make quick progress towards completing your goals.