My work involves making unconscious patterns conscious so that it can be examined and worked on. Otherwise, ineffective patterns of relating continue. Most problematic may be that children unconsciously pick up on these patterns and not only repeat them, yet carry them into the next generation.

Our problems are like energy and once transformed, you, your child, your partner can be free to be that person you dreamt of. Mr. Rogers from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood said “ what is mentionable is manageable”. Research shows that something as simple as giving a name to a feeling calms our nervous system. Bringing consciousness to any problem is at the heart of my work and desire to restore you to your authentic self.

“You are only as happy as your most unhappy family member” bears much truth and solving this problem runs through individuals, couples, families and children.


Parents of anxious children are usually frustrated and confused by the time I hear from them. This is because what is an intuitive solution does not work with these kids. It brings such relief to parents when we discuss why this is true and how they can bring success to the problem.

Most of the children I see have a very high IQ and also anxiety. Anxiety is often central to other problems children experience such as, angry meltdowns sibling rivalry and even ADHD.

Watching couples and entire families become more balanced and happier through our work together brings me great joy.


Lately I’ve seen an epidemic within the pandemic where more and more adolescents are suffering with anxiety and depression. I am now getting daily calls from parents who are justifiably worried about their teens. I believe it is urgent to address these concerns now and before they move out into the world.

My favorite part of working with teens is that when we meet neither of us know who they are, yet together we figure it out. And then life gains clarity and meaning for them. With only 18 years to get a child ready for life, the counseling process further guarantees they will be successfully launched.

Perfectionism in adolescent girls is common and a very large part of my practice. It is often missed as these girls tend to be excellent in covering their feelings. Sadly, i now often see much more serious depression and suicidal thinking among this group.

Although many adolescents prefer online therapy and do quite well, i also offer in person therapy for all ages.


The family work I do with parents is included within the work I do with the child. I believe in letting parents know as much as possible about my work with their child, as long as it does not compromise my work with the child and their safety. Involving parents will get on a fast track to what works. It is amazing how open I have found children to my discussion with parents. I see myself as a temporary element and bridge back over to the parent.

Parents: Unifying Parenting Styles

Unless parents are brother and sister, their parenting style is likely to vary widely. Quite typically i see where parents are polarized. One parent tends to be on the lenient end, the other more strict. This creates tremendous confusion for children and leads to exacerbating their problems. Yet, it is incredible to witness parents coming out of the therapy process with a more functional and happier child, and a happier marriage or partnership.

NOTE: Many struggles with younger children can be managed by a few sessions with me. This works especially well with motivated parents.


Research shows many benefits from couple counseling including better job satisfaction, Minimizing serious problems among adolescents, and even the couples physical health.

As individuals we are all meant to live out our true nature. When a partner impedes this process either consciously or unconsciously, there will be trouble brewing in the relationship as well as the individual. I want to work with you as a guide back to your own authentic self.

Focusing on what is the problem, rather than who will get us far.