Helping Children & Families

“The only people who think children are carefree are the ones who’ve forgotten their own childhood.” – Orson Scott Card


Does my Child Need Therapy?

Counseling with children and families is a very important part of my practice. My extensive training, experience and supervision in Play Therapy allows me to successfully work with children as young as 2½ years old.

Family dynamics are more complicated today and this often leads parents to be confused about how much power to hold and how much to share with their child. Parenting is not always intuitive. What seems like the best choice for discipline often backfires and leaving a parent feeling frustrated and wondering what went wrong. I work with parents as ‘co-detectives’ to discover the best solutions for the child and family. It has been very satisfying to hear parents say years later that although they came to get help for their child, the entire family benefited from their visits.

To help expedite the process of family work, I often have parents view videos relevant to their child’s issue while I am working with their child. While discussing parenting issues, I likewise have the child watch videos that are age appropriate and engage the child in tools that will enable them to progress through the therapy process more rapidly.

Many marriages are adversely affected by lack of conformity in parenting styles. This easily exacerbates the child’s problems while causing ill effects in the marriage. Working to unify parenting strategies produces important safety for the very young child as well as the adolescent. A bonus from these efforts is a stronger and more satisfying marriage!

My family work includes those with the responsibility of being single parents and those who are struggling to care for older parents while attempting to maintain their own lives. In situations of divorce, I often help feuding parents put aside their ongoing arguments so they can focus on best interest of the children


Special expertise to help troubled children.


Absent parent
Attachment Issues
Attention deficit
Disruptive behavior
Friendship difficulties
Giftedness in Children
Low grades
OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Performance Anxiety
School Refusal
Self esteem
Separation Anxiety
Sibling Rivalry
Sleep disturbance
Step family
Strong willed
Toilet Problems