I’ve been working collaboratively with families over the past 30 years to find solutions to their problematic situations. This process brings challenges as well as contentment to see how a person’s potential and capabilities transform lives. In taking the very brave step in calling and making an appointment, many families report feeling better before their second meeting.

I graduated from the University of Alabama in May 1992 with a Master’s degree in Social Work, became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1994. I have experienced some of the same difficulties and life experiences that my clients bring to me. Suddenly becoming mom for two young children after moving to San Antonio in 1998 generated my love and desire to focus my practice on working with children and families. I now find it quite useful in working with Couples.

My own sense of self-empowerment through the work with the unconscious has led me to work passionately with those going through difficult transitions. I continue to seek out learning opportunities and I am still amazed that my best teachers are my clients.

I love the experience of travel in learning about different cultures and language and art learn about myself and others. Currently, I am enjoying travelling to the Magna Graecia areas of Italy such as Sicily where I am learning about their archetypal images. I enjoy painting my archetypal dream symbols as a way of doing my own work with the numinous.